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APRIL 29, 2023

Thank you!

A great time was had at the 2023 ASPC. Follow us on social media so you won't miss #ASPC24! 
See ya next year! 

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What the ASPC is All About


The Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference (ASPC) is dedicated to serving self-published authors and the independent publishing market. Sponsored by the Atlanta Writers Club (AWC), our conferences provide professional speakers and networking for all who attend.

No matter whether you're curious about the self-publishing market or you want to learn how to grow your independent author business, everyone will have something to learn at ASPC.

The ASPC is a conference sponsored and supported by the Atlanta Writers Club (AWC). To receive updates on the ASPC, please sign up for the AWC newsletter by clicking the button below:


THE 2023


APRIL 29, 2023

8:00 AM EST to 7:00 PM EST

4736 Best Road, Atlanta, GA 30337

By Car | By Plane | By Train


Hotel Rooms

Get our conference discounts on rooms for you, your family, and your fellow scribes! Bringing friends or writing group members with you to the conference is a great way to enhance your experience. Getting rooms at the hotel where the conference is taking place saves you money, time, and stress. 

Even if you live in or near Atlanta, booking a hotel room for the night before (and after!) the conference has multiple benefits. 

  • Avoid Atlanta traffic. By already being at the venue, you don't have to drive there on the morning of the conference. 

  • Savor every minute. Skipping rush-hour traffic means spending more time at the conference doing the learning, networking, and shopping you came to do. 

  • Sleep in. If you're a few floors above the conference room, you can get more sleep while still getting to the conference on time. It's a win-win!

  • Strengthen connections. By not having to rush away to get back home after the conference, you can relax more and spend more time with the awesome authors and speakers that you meet. Grab a bite at a nearby restaurant for dinner over publishing war stories, or share plot concepts over drinks in the hotel bar. Add an element of vacation tranquility to your conference weekend! 


Always keep in mind that things like inclement weather, presenter illnesses, or venue issues can make schedule changes necessary. We'll update you as we get info on any scheduling adjustments, if needed. 

This year, we'll be providing Launch Track sessions for those new to self-publishing or who have recently started their indie authorship. Booster Track sessions cater to authors who feel as though they have the basics in hand, and are looking for more advanced strategies to add to their publication and marketing processes. 

8:00 AM

Coffee & Conversations takes place in the Networking Room and gives attendees a chance to get to know the people they will be learning with (and from) throughout the day. 

8:45 AM

A formal welcome is given in the Networking Room by conference director Tenesha L. Curtis. 


9:00 AM

First Sessions take place in the Launch and Booster rooms.

The first Launch session is "Self-Publishing 101" facilitated by Tamika Newhouse.

The first Booster session is "Printing Money" facilitated by Dave Sheets.


10:00 AM

Break Time gives everyone an opportunity to chat, grab a snack, visit the restroom, stretch, etc. 

10:30 AM

Second Sessions take place in the Launch and Booster rooms.

The second Launch session is "How to Work with an Editor," facilitated by Cody Sisco.

The second Booster session is "Earning Beyond Royalties" facilitated by Bob McGough.


11:30 AM

Lunch Break


1:00 PM

Third Sessions take place in the Launch and Booster rooms.

The third Launch session is "Social Media Basics," facilitated by K. G. Fletcher. 

The third Booster session is "Profitable Newsletter Management" facilitated by Terra Weiss.


2:00 PM

Break Time lets everyone chat, grab a snack, visit the restroom, stretch, etc. 

2:30 PM

Fourth Sessions take place in the Launch and Booster rooms.

The fourth Launch session is "Intro to Cover Design," facilitated by Bobby Nash.

The fourth Booster session is "The Six-Figure Authorship," facilitated by Stuart Jaffe


3:30 PM

Break Time allows everyone to chat, grab a snack, visit the restroom, stretch, etc. 


4:00 PM

Author Panel takes place in the Networking Room and gives all attendees a chance to ask questions of all the presenters who spoke at the conference. 


5:00 PM

Genre Tables offers an opportunity for authors writing in similar genres to connect. This would also be the time to buy any books and get info from vendors there wasn't time for earlier. 


7:00 PM

Conference ends. 



for AWC Members.
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Buy your ticket and pay your annual membership dues at the same time for $139!


To offset Atlanta Writers Club costs incurred for providing refunds, $10 will be withheld for refund processing. The $60 dues for membership in the Atlanta Writers Club is not refundable–you will continue to receive all member benefits for the full 365-day term.

Cancellations are not refunded after April 1st, 2023.

Unlocking the Secrets of Success

Education. Networking. Indies Working Together.


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Walkups Welcome!

You may arrive at the conference on Saturday and pay for registration in person since advance registration is now closed. 

See ya Saturday!

These indie authors will be using their experience in the industry to give you the concrete skills and applicable knowledge you need in order to meet your own authorship goals! 


Cody Sisco

How to Work With an Editor

Launch Track

"How to Work with an Editor" will instill writers with knowledge, confidence, and practical tips for working with editors. From finding an editor to working with an editor to sculpt, strengthen, and polish your manuscript, this session will cover the essentials, including the different types of editing services, contracting basics, tips for collaborating and managing work flows, and more. Attendees will leave knowing they are equipped for successfully working with editors on their journeys to publication. As both an author who self-publishes his novels and an editor who helps authors make their manuscripts shine, Cody is excited to share lessons and tips for productive collaborations.

About Cody

Cody Sisco is an author, editor, publisher, and literary community organizer. His LGBT psychological science fiction series includes two novels thus far, Broken Mirror and Tortured Echoes. He is a freelance editor specializing in genre-bending fiction and an editor for Running Wild Press. In 2017, he co-founded Made in L.A. Writers, an indie author co-op dedicated to the support and appreciation of independent authors. His startup, BookSwell, is a literary events and media production company dedicated to lifting up marginalized voices and connecting readers and writers in Southern California and beyond. He serves as a Co-Executive on the Board of Governors for the Editorial Freelancers Association and as a board member at APLA Health. Find him online at CodySisco.com.

Author K. G. Fletcher | Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference 2023

K. G. Fletcher

Social Media Basics

Launch Track

"Social Media Basics" will educate newbie authors on how to navigate the many social media platforms in the world, including tips and tricks on how to engage new readers. Throughout the session, K. G. will provide her own examples of what has specifically worked for her. She'll also highlight some easy ways authors can get started right away with setting up and actively engaging on their own profiles.

About K. G. 

Dubbed "The Singing Author," K.G. Fletcher is a romance author, audiobook narrator, and professional singer. She has published14 books and counting, including 4 series. She lives in her very own frat house in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Ladd, and three sons.  When she’s not on the road singing, she’s probably at home day dreaming about her swoony book boyfriends, or arranging a yummy charcuterie board while sipping red wine and listening to Frank Sinatra. KG loves to interact with readers on social media and share about her writing and singing journey, so connect with her today at KGFletcherAuthor.com.


Bobby Nash

Intro to Cover Design

Launch Track

"Intro to Cover Design" will highlight the  must-haves for a book cover including design type, style, back cover copy, finding and hiring illustrators and designers, and how covers impact author marketing. 

About Bobby

Bobby Nash is an award-winning author. He writes novels, comic books, short stories, screenplays, and more. Bobby is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and International Thriller Writers. On occasion, he appears in movies and TV shows, usually standing behind your favorite actor. Occasionally, he puts pen to paper and doodles. For more information on Bobby and his work, connect with him at BobbyNash.com.


Tamika Newhouse

Self-Publishing 101

Understanding the indie publishing process.

Launch Track


Many writers have no clue about what to do with their manuscripts, failing to realize that they are artists who should think of themselves that way! "Self-Publishing 101" dives into what self-publishing is all about and how writers can build a lasting career as an author. 

About Tamika

From teen mom to CEO by the age of twenty, Tamika Newhouse has now authored 17 novels, graced the best sellers' lists on numerous sites multiple times, and directed award-nominated events like Black Writers Weekend. She's the winner of 7 African American Literary Awards, is the CEO of Delphine Publications, and has been hailed by Adweek as "the Shonda  Rhimes of Black Publishing." Tamika is the founder of the African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) and has more achievements on the horizon of her literary career. Today she is creating new stories that dig into motherhood, sexuality, and self-love while raising her children in Atlanta.

Paper Trailblazer by Tenesha L Curtis - jpeg.JPG

Terra Weiss

Profitable Newsletter Management

Generating revenue with subscribers.

Booster Track

"Profitable Newsletter Management" will show experienced authors how to build a list of passionate readers who will not only buy your books, but sell them for you too. Learn new ways to approach your email list, re-energize your existing subscribers, and improve engagement to make sales soar.

About Terra

An award-winning romantic comedy author, Terra Weiss has published one novella and four novels, two becoming #1 new releases and three hitting the top five in the RomCom category. She’s had short stories published in TL;DR literary anthologies and The Daily Drunk. Terra enjoys sharing any knowledge she’s gained because let’s face it, selling books is hard. Find out more @ TerraWeiss.com.


Bob McGough

Earning Beyond Royalties

Bonus revenue streams for authors.

Booster Track

The road to financial independence as an author is often a long one. For authors who are looking to grow their income, Bob has prepared his class "Earning Beyond Royalties: Bonus Revenue Streams for Authors." In it, he'll explore how to earn money every month with previously-generated content authors often overlook. It's never too early to start building the groundwork for multiple revenue streams, and this class will cover some of the best options. A dozen small streams can quickly build into a river, and Bob is here to help authors navigate it!

About Bob

Bob McGough is the eccentric creative behind the Tales by Bob Empire. An author, podcaster, freelancer, and indie game designer, he is perhaps best known for his 'rural' urban fantasy series The Jubal County Saga, as well as the Books, Beards, Booze podcast. He'd love to connect with you at his website talesbybob.com or on social media @talesbybob.


Dave Sheets

Printing Money

Using book printing to your advantage.

Booster Track

"Printing Money" covers understanding the endgame for packaging, which is just as important as craft, and is an integral part of marketing. Dave will teach the basics of book printing, the options for packaging, and specific ideas for creating custom editions that will expand sales opportunities for authors. 

About Dave

Dave Sheets has spent more than 25 years in the publishing industry working with many of the top book publishers, distributors, and printers in the industry. He currently owns a publishing services company primarily working with independent authors to create books that entertain and inform readers across the globe, with services including ghost writing, coaching, editing, design, interior layout, eBooks, and printing. Dave is married with five adult kids, two grandsons, and spends his free time enjoying the Colorado outdoors.


Stuart Jaffe

The Six-Figure Author

Steps toward living off of literature.

Booster Track

The life of a six-figure author takes an amount of work that you might not have imagined—both before and after you reach that income level! Stuart will give you a clear, realistic rundown of what it takes to work toward a six-figure authorship.

About Stuart

Stuart Jaffe is the madman behind The Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries, the Ridnight Mysteries, Nathan K thrillers, The Parallel Society, The Malja Chronicles, The Bluesman, Founders, Real Magic, and so much more. His unique brand of old pulp adventure mixed with a contemporary sensibility brings out the best in a variety of SF/F sub-genres. He trained in martial arts for over a decade until a knee injury ended that practice. Now, he plays lead guitar in a local blues band, The Bootleggers, and enjoys life on a small farm in rural North Carolina. And yes, the chickens are still not allowed in the house.



Never worked with an editor before? When you purchase your ticket, opt in to getting connected with one of our editing partners! They'll do a quick assessment of a small sample (between 1,000 and 2,500 words, at the discretion of the editor) of your work, for free, so you can get an idea of how your piece can be enhanced. 


CYNDI SANDUSKY | Sandusky Editorial

Line editing and copy editing for fantasy, paranormal, romance, and young adult books.

Of course, I check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. But I also make sure sentences flow well and are clear to your readers, do basic fact checking (does it really take two hours to drive from San Francisco to LA?), and identify discrepancies (do your character's piercing blue eyes turn to warm chocolate brown halfway through the manuscript?). My goal is to help your writing be the best it can be so your readers can focus on the story you're telling.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 11.25.54 PM.png

ERICKA McINTYRE | Ericka McIntyre Editing and Writing

Developmental and line editing for historical fiction, literary, crime, thrillers, and memoir.

I offer development editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading services. I work on both fiction and nonfiction. I also offer book proposal review and independent publishing consulting services.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 1.36.18 AM.png

BOB COOPER | Bob Cooper Editing

Line editing and copy editing for children's, self-help, mystery, poetry, science fiction, and outdoor sports. 

I provide line editing and copy editing for authors in a wide range of genres from children's books, sci-fi, and novels to memoirs and general nonfiction. These include more than 100 books edited just since 2019, and some that are award-winning books published by traditional publishers. I learned the editing craft during 11 years as an editor for two national magazines.


FAYE ROBERTS | Faye Roberts Edits

Line editing and copy editing for mystery, thriller, self-help, memoir, and biographies. 

I’m an independent copyeditor and proofreader of fiction and of both academic and general nonfiction. I help authors at all levels of education and writing ability—especially English-language learners--achieve professional results in telling their stories. A former librarian, I’m a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, Aces: The Society for Editing, and Sisters in Crime.



No missed connections here! If you need to remember the name of a company you heard of or interacted with at the conference, you'll find them here!

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Drop us a line if you still have questions or notice a problem. 

Thanks for reaching out!

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