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Schedule of Events

Writing can be a lonely business. But it doesn't have to be. Self-published authors achieve the greatest success when we lift one another up.

The ASPC offers multiple opportunities to grow through both learning and connections. Below you will not only find a full schedule of educational presentations but also multiple opportunities for connecting with other self-published authors.

Before the conference we'll give you the opportunity to use our Editor Connection where you will be paired with book professionals for a free sample edit of your current manuscript. We'll also invite you to pre-conference virtual events which will provide face time with industry experts. And you'll receive author education e-mails from the time of registration up until the conference with valuable information on writing and publishing. 


During the event, we're offering 15 Minutes with a Publicist plus the vendor area will be open to anyone who needs a place to think, mingle, or ask professionals questions about the industry.


From the beginning of our day with coffee and conversations, to the vendor area, and our full day of presentations, the ASPC provides ample opportunities for development.

Learn how to make the most of ASPC with these tips from Kindlepreneur.


DEADLINE TO REGISTER: APRIL 13TH, 2024 at 12:00 PM EST. Walkups at the conference will be welcome (cash or card only, no checks will be accepted).

No refunds after APRIL 1, 2024.


Coffee & Conversations
8:00 am - 9:00 am

Image by Jeremy Yap

Are you an early bird? Do you love coffee as much as we do? Come early to meet and network with other self-published or aspiring authors and start building your own authors' network of support.

Time Mastery
9:00 am - 9:30 am

Marie headshot BW.jpg

Whether you're an indie author, hybrid, or have hopes and roots in traditional publishing, one tool you have in common with authors of all concentrations is time. Marie Whittaker is a hybrid published author, professional publisher, Executive Director of a writing conference, and still finds time to be human. Come listen, learn to befriend your calendar, and find ways to master your most valuable asset—your time.

Presented by Marie Whittaker

Author Horror Stories: What Not To Do As An Indie Author
9:30 am - 10:30 am

ben meeks.jpg

Editors, scammers, and marketing disasters, oh my! If you type “self-publishing” into your browser, you’ll be inundated with information. All the free content, or businesses geared toward helping you, for a fee, will leave you exhausted and overwhelmed with options, marketing, ads, spreadsheets, and more. Too many of us in the industry have had to learn the hard way what to avoid. Hear Ben Meeks tell the true horror stories of indie authors to learn from their mistakes, so that you can save your time, money, and energy.

Presented by Ben Meeks

Finding Success: Where Networking and Volunteering Meet
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

co presenters.png

Building a strong and supportive network is key to finding success as an indie author, but where do we start? How do we connect with industry professionals, including other authors, in a meaningful way? Join Brittany Dowdle, co-author of the IBPA award–winning book Networking for Freelance Editors, to discover how to build the connections and network you need. In this session you’ll learn to redefine networking, position yourself for success, and discover how volunteering can supercharge your network. 

Presented by Brittany Dowdle and Linda Ruggeri

What You Need To Know About AI As An Author
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


AI brings as many possibilities as it does questions. So how do we, as authors, navigate what AI is, when it can be used, and the ethics around it? Bob McGough will break down the confusing mystery of Artificial Intelligence, explain the up-to-date ethics around it, and share where AI can best support authors.

Presented by Bob McGough

Business Basics
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Jerry Weiner Head Shot - cropped.jpg

As aspiring indie authors, we’ve heard a lot about where to click publish. But how do you start your own business? What is a FEIN? Why do you need a business plan? AWC treasurer Jerry Weiner will answer your questions about business basics and guide you through the steps necessary to get started. Jerry has decades of experience helping others in this area and will provide the critical information you need to form your own small business – and keep it going. 

Presented by Jerry Weiner

Diversifying Your Creativity and Income
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


As creatives we often express our art in more aspects than the written word. What if you could use your other creative forms and diversify your income? Milton J. Davis, an award-winning self-published author, will share how he uses his passion for graphic novels and videos to express his art and maximize his profits. He'll also teach us how to expand our own creativity into other markets and expand our publishing businesses.

Presented by Milton J. Davis


15 Minutes with a Publicist
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Jenn2023 (3)_edited.jpg

Let us answer the burning questions that are overwhelming you with book publicity and marketing. Unsure where to start or how to shape your author brand? Trying to determine which social media channels are right for you? Wondering what's really "worth it"? Books Forward has helped over 700 authors promote 1,300 books, and we'll pinpoint key areas for you to focus.


Building Your Social Media Toolkit 
March 13, 6:30pm EST

J. M. Tompkins_Photo Shoot 2020_pic 3 resized 2.jpg

Social media looks easy when you’re scrolling through Instagram or the TikTok videos playing one after another. But when it comes to building your own personal brand, you can find yourself staring at your phone with a big question mark over your head. And what is a personal brand, anyway? J. M. Tompkins will help to demystify the intimidating social media world, help you build your own personal brand, and guide you through drawing a line between your personal and professional image.

Using Tropes to Enhance Your Reader’s Journey 
April 9, 7pm EST


Do you want to hear from your fans that they couldn't put your book down? That they had to stay up late into the night because they had to keep reading one more chapter? Tropes have been used by indie authors as a key tool to build a fan following, but they can also be tweaked to keep your readers gripped within your story. Join Danielle Kiowski to learn how to keep your readers captivated within your genre’s tropes.

Pre-Conference Networking
April 24, 6:30pm EST

co presenters.png

Attending a conference can be such a fun experience, but also an intimidating one. By planning ahead of time, we can put ourselves in a position to get the most out of it with the least amount of stress. Join indie authors Brittany Dowdle and Linda Ruggeri for a pre-conference networking meeting where you’ll get to meet fellow attendees as well as set some conference goals so you can have the best possible experience. We'll also have genre breakout rooms so you can get to know others who are writing in your genre(s).


DEADLINE TO REGISTER: APRIL 13TH, 2024 at 12:00 PM EST. Walkups at the conference will be welcome (cash or card only, no checks will be accepted).

No refunds after APRIL 1, 2024.

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